The Greatest Generation Forced to Die Alone

I have always had high regard for senior citizens. They are such precious people, full of wisdom, and so much love to share for those who are willing to take the time.

At the time of Governor Whitmer’s first COVID19 Shutdown in March 2020, I was working as kitchen staff at the American House Senior Living community in Jenison, Michigan. I was surrounded by employees who cherished the people they served, and family members who were so grateful for our care of their loved ones.

We were a small facility. At that time we had 19 residents in our building, a dementia unit.

When the shutdown happened, none of us had any idea of the horror that was coming.

Dementia patients have such unique struggles. But one of the ways they thrive is with consistent interaction with other humans, especially their own family members. That makes complete sense, of course. Whatever memories they still possess, however faint, are likely those of the family they know best.

When Governor Whitmer shut the state down again, and again, and again, which kept families away from our patients, she was shutting out sources of life to these precious people.
– Michigan Citizen

Between the middle of March and June 19, 2020, when I retired, we had 11 residents who died. But, none of them were from COVID, instead, they died from loneliness!

Like all assisted living staff, we were willing to be flexible at the beginning as no one knew fully what was happening. But after a month or two, we all knew how to protect these patients, while allowing families to once again interact with them. But that wasn’t allowed. What we saw instead was a Governor determined on “protecting” people from COVID while allowing them to die alone. It was cruel and heartless, and completely preventable.

We are all going to die at some point; that is a given. But these senior citizens, many of them are World War II-era men and women who had given so much for our nation, didn’t have to die cut off from the only people they remembered. That is on Gretchen Whitmer.

The idea that these precious souls died alone is unforgivable! Too many of us as employees care about the lives of our residents and guests. I had to speak up.


A Michigan Citizen that Cares