Governor Whitmer’s Lockdown: Worse than PTSD

My heart hurts. Where do I begin to explain how much one elected leader has negatively impacted those I love? Governor Whitmer, you have been a nightmare for Michigan — and you have made COVID19 a hell for all of us.

One of the stories that stands out is representative of too many in this state: suicide.

A dear friend of mine, Richard Silver, committed suicide due to being locked up. He was banned from everything. He was shut off from everyone. And the “lock in” caused irreparable damage to him. This resulted in him being deeply depressed. He was a decorated war hero — but he just couldn’t take Whitmer’s Lockdown anymore.

Richard Silver was a veteran and a recipient of a Purple Heart. He was a hard worker, serving at Edison until he retired. His family carried on the legacy of service to their country: his son was a Ranger and now serves as a law enforcement officer. The Silver family has given so much to our nation for our freedom.

But nothing prepared this Ranger to find his father a victim of suicide. Richard Silver just couldn’t handle it anymore and he ended his own life in sadness and despair.

These veterans go through hell and back fighting for the defense of our nation and the freedom of others. Most of them live to tell about it and find new ways of living. Until they encountered Whitmer’s shutdown: it was worse than PTSD.

There are no words to describe what my friend encountered finding his father in this way. This large 6’4″ beast of a man broke down talking to me and said,

“I’m just tired of all the killing and death I have seen, while others sit in their homes with no concerns getting paid by the government to do nothing. Some of us need to protect them and they could care less about what happens to us.”

No veteran, no Police Officer, no Michigan citizen — NO PERSON — DESERVES THIS TREATMENT FROM OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. NO ONE.

In honor of the memory of Mr. Silver, and on behalf of all the other veterans among us who are hurting and crying out for help, I am stepping forward to tell this story and I will work so hard to make sure Governor Whitmer never has another term in office.

Michigan citizens want more for those who have served so valiantly that we can be free.

A furious citizen,

Fred Poppe