An American Hero Doesn’t Get the Freedom He Fought For

When we entered 2020 we had no idea how our lives would be drastically impacted by the dramatic and unjust decisions of one person.

Our precious son-in-law, Tim, age 56, had not been feeling well and decided to get things checked out. An appointment was made for March. But Governor Whitmer forced our state into an aggressive shutdown down all due to an unknown virus, and everything went downhill.

This scheduled appointment with an important doctor had to be postponed. But Tim kept calling and was finally able to get a new appointment after weeks of delay. He had an XRay, which was quickly followed by a CT scan and an emergency admission to the acute care center. He was diagnosed with INOPERABLE LUNG CANCER.

Our family was shaken, he was in pain, and we were scared. They decided to attempt 6 radiation treatments which started right away. But diagnosis and treatment had been delayed so long, the cancer was already so far advanced. Even with the treatments, less than 2 weeks after the diagnosis, he started hemorrhaging! His wife had to make the agonizing decision to stop CPR and let him go. He died that night, less than two weeks after he was diagnosed. Our hearts are still reeling from this loss.

Tim was a proud Marine. He was so thankful for his country, loved his family, and was committed to doing what he could to advance good and serve others. We miss him terribly and therefore are compelled to make sure others know of what we experienced and learned through this tragedy.

The Governor claims to have saved lives with her sweeping shutdown orders, but her shutdown orders cost lives too. Tim was one of those victims. It’s as if Governor Whitmer ridiculously believed that the ONLY threat to human life was COVID, and that somehow every other disease would obey her shutdown order.

When facing a cancer diagnosis, every day counts. Tim was robbed of those days, and the only fighting chance he had was taken away, because one stubborn Governor wouldn’t stop to think through the consequences of her reckless orders.
– The family of Frank and Margaret Schram

Of course, if the absurdity of Governor Whitmer’s orders ended with simply the death of our son, it would be more than enough for any family. But Tim was forced to die alone, because no one was allowed to be by his bedside during his final days and moments. And he deserved so much more of a memorial after his passing, but we were limited to a small grave-side service.

We are people of faith, and that helps, but the pain of this loss will never leave us. We hold Governor Whitmer absolutely accountable for making Tim another of her victims.

In honor of our hero,
The family of Frank and Margaret Schram