A Governor’s “Help” Makes a Family Feel Helpless

In one of the shutdowns decreed by Governor Whitmer, my father-in-law Jim was admitted into Butterworth Hospital Heart Center. The professionals decided he needed to be in CCU; he was in critical condition with some heart issues.

His wife, my mother-in-law Pena, was not able to be with him or to even visit him. As his spouse, she would have gladly slept in the room and kept herself quarantined with him, just to be near him in his time of crisis. But under the government orders of Governor Whitmer, this wife who had devoted her life to her husband couldn’t be with him when he needed her most.


The medical professionals at the hospital said, “It has to be end-of-life before they would allow it.” His health was so serious that the doctors did not know how much time left he had, but Governor Whitmer’s orders still would not allow him a visit from any of his loved ones. They eventually transferred Jim to a VA facility; once again Pena was not able to be with or near him.

When Jim was transferred to the VA, the doctors continued to say, “Pena cannot be with him. He has days to live, maybe weeks, maybe months but not long.” Our family spent days facing the reality that Jim’s days on this earth were short. With every passing breath, our hearts hurt more because we could not be near or with him.

Finally, the day before Jim passed in late December, Pena and my brother-in-law were finally able to see him for a few minutes. By the time Pena was able to see her husband, he didn’t recognize her nor could he even speak. It was so very sad, because of everything that went unsaid.

The next day, at 1 AM in the morning Jim passed away. This loving, wonderful, magnificent man spent his last days on this earth in a hospital and a VA facility alone. His wife, family, and friends — who treasured and valued him — could not be with him to escort him to the next life. He was victim to Governor Whitmer and her “experts” who deemed COVID to be of bigger concern than a man’s end-of-life wishes.

It did not have to end this way. But it did – and I believe, it was due to Governor Whitmer’s decrees: “I set the rules. You have to follow them. No matter what.” She claims to care about the people. But her actions tell a different story: she does not trust the people to do what is in their best interest. Instead, she thinks the government knows best. Of course, she couldn’t be more wrong.

My heart breaks for all those who are still alone, who have lost their jobs, whose businesses have crumbled and whose family’s lives have fallen apart. And I grieve to think of where we are headed as a state: we have been shut down, locked down, and kept from our loved ones all because Gretchen Whitmer cares more about the number of COVID “cases” than she does about the lives of actual people. I will not forget.

Gretchen Whitmer cares more about the number of COVID “cases” than she does about the lives of actual people.
– Kim Fiorenzo

I look forward to doing everything in my power to make sure she does not have another term as Governor; no family deserves to ever go through what we have experienced due to a Governor who cares more about the numbers and the politics, than she does about the wishes of the citizens.

On behalf of a hurting family,
Kim Fiorenzo